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Degree Code:L37
Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:


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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SBT103 Introductory Microbiology45View Description
SCH101 Inorganic Chemistry 1 (general And Inorganic Chemistry)i45View Description
SGL101 Materials Of Earth45View Description
SGL103 Introduction To Paleontology45View Description
SMA101 Basic Mathematics45View Description
SMA103 Calculus I45View Description
SMA105 Geometry45View Description
SZL103 Fundamentals Of Ecology45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SBT201 Gymnosperm And Angiosperm Taxonomy45View Description
SBT203 Plant Ecology45View Description
SBT205 General Genetics45View Description
SCH201 Inorganic Chemistry 2 (s & P Block Elements)45View Description
SCH203 Physical Chemistry 2 (liquids Thermodynamics And Thermochemistry)45View Description
SGL201 Principles Of Mineralogy45View Description
SGL203 Structural Geology45View Description
SGP205 Introduction To Aerial Photo Interpretation45View Description
SMA201 Advanced Calculus45View Description
SMA203 Linear Algebra I45View Description
SMA205 Introduction Algebra45View Description
SMA221 Vector Analysis45View Description
Semester: 3
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SCH301 Inorganic Chemistry 3 (thoery Of Spectroscopic Methods)45View Description
SCH303 Physical Chemistry 4 (thermodynamic Ii And Phase Equilibria)45View Description
SCH305 Organic Chemistry 4 (amino Acids, Peptides Proteins Carbohydrates And Nucleic Acids).45View Description
SCH307 Organic Chemistry 5 (spectroscopy As Applied To Organic Chemistry)45View Description
SCH309 Analytical Chemistry 2 (instrumental Methods Of Analysis)45View Description
SCH311 Analytical Chemistry 3 (use Of Computers In Chemistry)45View Description
SGL301 Igneous Petrology45View Description
SGL303 Sedimentary Petrology45View Description
SGL305 Global Tectonics45View Description
SGL307 Historical Geology.45View Description
SGL309 Introduction To Geophysics45View Description
SGL311 Surveying For Geoscientists45View Description
SGP313 Arid And Semi-arid Lands 145View Description
SMA301 Real Analysis 145View Description
SMA303 Algebra 145View Description
SMA323 Dynamics I45View Description
SMA341 Probability And Statistics Ii45View Description
SMA371 Linear Programming I45View Description
SOG313 Computational Physics45View Description
SPH311 Introductory Geophysics45View Description
SZL301 Cell Biology45View Description
SZL303 Biostatistics45View Description
SZL305 Immunology45View Description
TCT335 Subject Methods: Computer Science45View Description
Semester: 4
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SBT401 Plant Biochemistry45View Description
SBT403 Plant Morphogenesis45View Description
SCH401 Inorganic Chemistry 5 (transition Elements And Organometallic Chemistry)45View Description
SCH403 Physical Chemistry 7 (further Chemical Kinetics And Electrochemistry)45View Description
SCH405 Industrial Chemistry45View Description
SCH409 Organic Chemistry 9 (applied Organic Chemistry)45View Description
SCH411 Analytical Chemistry 4 (voltammetric And Separation Techniques)45View Description
SGL401 Field Geology45View Description
SGL403 Industrial Rocks And Minerals45View Description
SGL405 Exploration Geophysics45View Description
SGL407 Engineering Geology45View Description
SGL409 Environmental Geology45View Description
SGL411 Mineral Exploration And Mining45View Description
SGL413 Project In Geology45View Description
SMA 409 Ordinary Differential Equations Ii45View Description
SMA401 Topology I45View Description
SMA403 Measure Theory45View Description
SMA405 Algebra Ii45View Description
SMA407 Discrete Mathematics Ii45View Description
SMA411 Number Theory45View Description
SMA423 Numerical Analysis Ii45View Description
SMA425 First Order Partial Differential Equations45View Description
SMA427 Differential Geometry45View Description
SMA429 Quantum Mechanics45View Description
SMA431 Statistical Mechanics45View Description
SMA441 Tests Of Hypotheses45View Description
SMA443 Time Series Analysis45View Description
SMA445 Stochastic Processes45View Description
SMA461 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms 145View Description
SMA471 Integer Programming And Nonlinear Programming45View Description
SMA473 Graphs, Network Flows And Scheduling45View Description
SMA481 Actuarial Mathematics I45View Description
SMA483 Survival Analysis45View Description
SPH405 Electrodynamics Ii45View Description
SPH407 Mathematical Physics Iii45View Description
SPH409 Quantum Mechanics Ii45View Description
SPH411 Surface Physics45View Description
SPH413 Astrophysics45View Description
SPH415 Applied Geophysics45View Description
SPH417 Aeronomy45View Description
SPH419 Quantum Electronics45View Description
SZL403 Parasitology45View Description
SZL405 Limnology And Marine Biology45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SBT102 Introductory Biochemistry And Genetics45View Description
SBT104 Survey Of The Plant Kingdom45View Description
SCH102 Organic Chemistry1 (introduction To Organic Chemistry)45View Description
SGL102 Earth Processes45View Description
SMA104 Calculus Ii45View Description
SMA106 Calculus Iii45View Description
SMA140 Introduction To Probability And Statistics45View Description
SZL102 Vertebrate Zoology45View Description
SZL104 Invertebrate Zoology45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SBT202 General Mycology45View Description
SBT204 Plant Structure And Function45View Description
SCH202 Organic Chemistry 2 (alkenes, Alkynes, Aromatic Compounds Spectroscopy)45View Description
SCH204 Physical Chemistry 3 (introduction To Chemical Kinetics And Electrochemistry)45View Description
SGL202 Systematic Mineralogy45View Description
SGL204 Geostatistics45View Description
SMA204 Linear Algebra Ii45View Description
SMA206 Introduction To Analysis45View Description
SMA208 Ordinary Differential Equations I45View Description
SMA240 Probability And Statistics 145View Description
Semester: 3
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SBT306 Physiology45View Description
SCH 310 Physical Chemistry 6 (surface And Colloid Chemistry)45View Description
SCH302 Organic Chemistry 3 (carbonyl, Carboxylic Acids, Phenols, Carbonions, Amines)45View Description
SCH304 Inorganic Chemistry 4 (co-ordination Chemistry)45View Description
SCH306 Analytical Chemistry 1 (quantitative Analysis)45View Description
SGL302 Metamorphic Petrology45View Description
SGL304 Stratigraphy45View Description
SGL306 Palaeontology45View Description
SGL308 Introduction To Geological Mapping45View Description
SGL310 Photogeology And Remote Sensing45View Description
SGL312 Introduction To Geological Thermodynamics45View Description
SMA302 Real Analysis Ii45View Description
SMA304 Linear Algebra Iii45View Description
SMA306 Complex Analysis 145View Description
SMA308 Discrete Mathematics 145View Description
SMA320 Methods 145View Description
SMA322 Numerical Analysis 145View Description
SMA324 Theory Of Estimation45View Description
SMA326 Fluid Mechanics I45View Description
SMA328 Continuum Mechanics45View Description
SMA344 Sample Surveys45View Description
SMA346 Quality Control Methods45View Description
SMA360 Programming Methodology For Mathematics45View Description
SMA372 Linear Programming Ii45View Description
SMA382 Introduction To Actuarial Science45View Description
SMA384 Mathematics Of Demography45View Description
SPH310 Environmental Physics45View Description
SPH312 Digital Electronics45View Description
SPH314 Practical Physics Ii45View Description
TCT334 Subject Methods:geology45View Description
Semester: 4
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SCH402 Organic Chemistry 6 (heterocyclic And Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon Chemistry)45View Description
SCH404 Organic Chemistry 7 (chemistry Of Secondary Biomolecules)45View Description
SCH408 Physical Chemistry 8 (nuclear And Radiation Chemistry)45View Description
SGL402 Ore Deposits45View Description
SGL404 Exploration Geochemistry45View Description
SGL406 Hydrogeology45View Description
SGL408 Marine Geology45View Description
SGL410 Geology And Mineral Resources Of Kenya45View Description
SGL412 Seismology45View Description
SGP420 Dissertation45View Description
SMA 406 Algebra Iii45View Description
SMA400 Mathematical Logic.45View Description
SMA402 Topology Ii45View Description
SMA408 Complex Analysis Ii45View Description
SMA410 Functional Analysis45View Description
SMA412 Theory Of Computation45View Description
SMA420 Mathematical Modeling45View Description
SMA422 Methods 1145View Description
SMA424 Numerical Analysis Iii45View Description
SMA426 Second Partial Differential Equations45View Description
SMA428 Fluid Mechanics Ii45View Description
SMA430 Electrodynamics45View Description
SMA440 Probability Theory45View Description
SMA444 Analysis Of Experimental Designs45View Description
SMA446 Statistical Methods45View Description
SMA448 Multivariate Methods45View Description
SMA462 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Ii45View Description
SMA472 Decision Theory And Game Theory45View Description
SMA474 Stochastic Models In Operations Research45View Description
SMA482 Actuarial Mathematics Ii45View Description
SMA484 Risk And Credibility Theory45View Description
SPH404 Statistical Physical45View Description
SPH406 Practical Physics Iii45View Description
SPH408 Physics Of Materials45View Description
SPH410 Applied Electronics And Microprocessors45View Description
SPH412 Plasma Physics45View Description
SPH414 Elementary Particle Physics45View Description
SPH416 Rock Magnetism And Paleomagnetism45View Description
SPH418 Power Electronics45View Description
SPH420 Projects45View Description
SZL402 Entomology45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
SCH103 Physical Chemistry 1 (general And Physical Chemistry)45View Description

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