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Degree Code:L35
Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:


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Level : Non Specified
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
L35 Bachelor Of Education (arts) By Distance LearningView Description
Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
BBS101 Fundamentals Of Accounting I45View Description
BBS103 Business Studies I45View Description
BEC101 Elements Of Economics I45View Description
BEC103 Introduction To Economics Statistics45View Description
BEF101 History Of Education45View Description
BEF103 Philosophy Of Education45View Description
BEH101 History Of Kenya Upto 188545View Description
BEH103 An Introduction To African History Upto 188545View Description
BEL101 East African Literature: Oral Literature And Drama45View Description
BEL103 East African Literature: Prose And Poetry45View Description
BEM101 Calculus I45View Description
BEM103 Probability And Statistics I45View Description
BLL101 Study Of Language I45View Description
BLL103 Study Of English I45View Description
PSY101 General Psychology45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
BBS102 Fundamentals Of Accounting Ii45View Description
BBS104 Business Law I45View Description
BEC102 African Economic Problems45View Description
BEC104 Elements Of Economics Ii45View Description
BEF102 Sociology Of Education45View Description
BEH102 History Of Kenya From 1890 To Present45View Description
BEH104 An Introduction To African History From 1885 To Present45View Description
BEL102 Theory Of Literature45View Description
BEL104 Language Use45View Description
BEM102 Linear Algebra I45View Description
BEM104 Applied Vector Theory I45View Description
BLL102 Study Of English Ii45View Description
BLL104 Study Of English Iii45View Description
PSY102 Child Development45View Description
PSY104 Educational Statistics45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
BBS201 Business Finance I45View Description
BBS203 Intermediate Accounting I45View Description
BBS205 Principles Of Marketing45View Description
BBS207 Personnel Management I45View Description
BBS209 Costing45View Description
BBS211 Introduction To Economics45View Description
BBS213 Comparative Finance And Accounting45View Description
BBS215 Special Methods45View Description
BEC201 Microeconomics45View Description
BEC203 Mathematics For Economics45View Description
BEF201 Contemporary Issues In Education45View Description
BEH201 A History Of West Africa To Ad 180045View Description
BEH203 History Of Central Africa To The Present45View Description
BEH205 An Introduction To African Archaeology45View Description
BEH207 Europe In The 19th Century45View Description
BEH209 History Pf The Ussr45View Description
BEH211 Pre-history Of Africa45View Description
BEL201 Theory Of Literature And Stylistics45View Description
BEL203 Oral Literature45View Description
BEL205 European Literature45View Description
BEM201 Calculus Ii45View Description
BEM203 Linear Algebra Ii45View Description
BLL201 Study Of Language Ii45View Description
BLL203 Study Of Language Iii45View Description
PSY201 Tests And Measurements45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
BBS202 Business Statistics45View Description
BBS204 Intermediate Accounting Ii45View Description
BBS206 Marketing Planning And Control45View Description
BBS208 Personnel Management Ii45View Description
BBS210 Microeconomics45View Description
BBS212 Managerial Accounting45View Description
BBS214 Business Law Ii45View Description
BBS216 Business Finance Ii45View Description
BBS218 Quantitative Methods45View Description
BEC202 Economics Statistics45View Description
BEC204 Macroeconomics45View Description
BEF202 Comparative Education45View Description
BEH202 A History Of West Africa From Ad 1800 To Present45View Description
BEH204 History And Theory In Africa45View Description
BEH206 History Of South Africa To The Present45View Description
BEH208 The Transformation Of East Asia In The 19th And 20th Centuries With Special Reference To China And Japan45View Description
BEL202 Drama45View Description
BEL204 Theatre Arts45View Description
BEM202 Advanced Calculus45View Description
BEM204 Probability And Statistics Ii45View Description
BLL202 Study Of English Iv45View Description
BLL204 Study Of English V45View Description
BLL206 Creative Writing Project45View Description
BLL208 Linguistic Study Of A Language Other Than English45View Description
PSY202 Personality Dynamics45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
BBS301 Computer Science45View Description
BBS303 Advanced Accounting I45View Description
BBS305 International Marketing45View Description
BBS307 Business Policy45View Description
BBS309 Auditing I45View Description
BBS315 Independent Study45View Description
BEC301 Money And Banking45View Description
BEC303 International Trade45View Description
BEC305 Comparative Economic Systems45View Description
BEC307 Quantitative Methods45View Description
BEC309 Economic Development45View Description
BEC311 Advanced Microeconomics45View Description
BEC315 History Of Economic Thought45View Description
BEC317 Health Economics45View Description
BEC319 Demography45View Description
BEC321 Economic Of Industry45View Description
BEH301 History And Practice In Africa45View Description
BEH303 History Of The Usa45View Description
BEH305 Aspects Of Latin American History From 15th Century O Present45View Description
BEL301 South African Literature45View Description
BEL303 North American Literature45View Description
BEL305 Indian Literature45View Description
BEL307 West African Literature45View Description
BEL309 Critical Issues In Eastern African Literature45View Description
BEM301 Real Analysis I45View Description
BEM303 Classical Mechanics45View Description
BEM305 Complex Analysis45View Description
BEM307 Methods I45View Description
BEM309 Computer Science I45View Description
BEM311 Advanced Statistics45View Description
BEM315 Analytical Mechanics45View Description
BEM317 Number Theory45View Description
BEM321 Measure Theory45View Description
BEM323 Topology I45View Description
BEM325 Fluid Mechanics Ii45View Description
BEM327 Operations Research I45View Description
BEM329 Partial Differential Equations I45View Description
BEM331 Functional Analysis45View Description
BEM333 Test Of Hypothesis45View Description
BEM335 Design And Analysis Of Experiments45View Description
PAC303 Education And Development45View Description
PAC305 Early Childhood Education45View Description
PAC309 Primary Education45View Description
PAC311 Distance Education45View Description
PSY301 Principles Of Guidance And Counselling45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
BBS302 Organizational Behaviour45View Description
BBS304 Advanced Accounting Ii45View Description
BBS306 Marketing Research45View Description
BBS308 Labour Relations45View Description
BBS310 Auditing Ii45View Description
BBS313 Money And Banking45View Description
BBS314 Insurance45View Description
BEC302 Labour Economics45View Description
BEC304 Managerial Economics45View Description
BEC306 Urban Economics45View Description
BEC308 Advanced Macroeconomics45View Description
BEC310 Development Planning45View Description
BEC312 Advanced Economics Statistics45View Description
BEC314 Public Finance45View Description
BEC316 Labour Relations45View Description
BEC318 Monetary Theory And Policy45View Description
BEC320 Agricultural Economics45View Description
BEC322 Independent Study45View Description
BEF302 Philosophy Of Teaching45View Description
BEH302 Comparative Studies Of Imperialism And Nationalism In Africa And The Third World45View Description
BEH304 History Of Political Ideas45View Description
BEH306 African Economic History45View Description
BEH310 Africa And The Black Diaspora45View Description
BEH312 Themes In East African History45View Description
BEH314 Dissertation45View Description
BEL302 Educational Drama45View Description
BEL304 Latin American Literature45View Description
BEL306 Carribean Literature45View Description
BEL308 Canadian Literature45View Description
BEL310 Afro- American Literature45View Description
BEM302 Real Analysis Ii45View Description
BEM304 Ordinary Differential Equations45View Description
BEM306 Numerical Analysis I45View Description
BEM308 Fluid Mechanics I45View Description
BEM310 Sample Survey45View Description
BEM312 Algebra45View Description
BEM313 Quality Control45View Description
BEM314 Operations Research Ii45View Description
BEM316 Abstract Algebra Ii45View Description
BEM318 Differential Geometry45View Description
BEM319 Abstract Algebra I45View Description
BEM320 Topology Ii45View Description
BEM322 Partial Differential Equations Ii45View Description
BEM324 Operations Research Iii45View Description
BEM326 Numerical Analysis Ii45View Description
BEM328 Theory Of Estimation45View Description
BEM330 Time Series Analysis45View Description
BEM332 Non-parametric Methods45View Description
BEM334 Number Theory Ii45View Description
BEM336 Computer Science Ii45View Description
BEM338 Fluid Mechanics Ii45View Description
BEM340 Methods Ii45View Description
BEM342 Fluid Mechanics Iii45View Description
PAC302 Adult Education45View Description
PSY302 Psychology Of Learning45View Description
PSY304 Attitudes And Motivation45View Description
PSY306 Special Education45View Description

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